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Museum of the American MIlitary Family Press


Some of our anthologies produced by members of the MAMF family. All books proceeds directly benefit the museum or other collaborative nonprofits.




From the Frontlines to the Homefront

Unlike World War II, when the war effort was shared by all, the role of the entire family in a military deployment has been overlooked. Yet moms and dads serve as well, as do husbands and wives, sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, along with other loved ones. Military service is a family affair as the stories and poems in this volume testify. Written by New Mexican veterans as well as family members and others with close connections to someone in uniform, each reflection contributes to a rich understanding of what it means to contribute to military life by those out of uniform as well as those who wear one.

NOT FOR RETAIL SALE-The museum uses this text for discussion/reading groups throughout the state of New Mexico



Eins, Zwei, G’Suffa! Memories from Munich Campus

Almost 70 years later, alumni still talk about how special their years at the University of Maryland, Munich were…Back by popular demand, this third volume of Munich Campus Memories spans almost 5 decades of beer, books and brother (and sister) hood…Eins, Zwei, G’Suffa will leave you yearning for your youth and giving thanks that you survived it!

Grab this book, a cold drink and a Brezel and reminisce about Munich Campus. Servus!

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