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Author: Lisa Tucker McElroy

July2015 Books 2 July2015 Books 4*Editorial Reviews

School Library Journal – School Library Journal

K-Gr 3-Lizzie’s mom is a soldier with an overseas posting. The location is not mentioned, but the woman is shown in combat uniform, wearing a helmet and goggles and holding binoculars. The story is told as a series of letters from Lizzie to her mom, from the time she leaves until she returns home. Childlike crayon, marker, and watercolor illustrations and what looks like hand-written print make Lizzie’s letters appear as though a child really did write them. The illustrations depict the youngster’s activities and often include a map she has drawn. Written especially for military families, the book includes an introduction by U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein thanking military families for their sacrifices and a page of suggestions for adults such as taking advantage of the programs that the military offers, keeping one’s routine as regular as possible, and connecting with other military families. Most readers will appreciate the authentic feel of Lizzie’s letters as she asks all those inevitable “whys” about Mom’s separation from the family. A worthy addition on a topic about which little has been written.

-Pamela K. Bomboy, Chesterfield County Public Schools, VA Copyright 2005 Reed Business Information.

Kirkus Reviews

In this reassuring offering, a young girl named Lizzie writes letters to her mom, who is serving in the military overseas. McElroy gets the child’s perspective just right, as Lizzie’s letters shift easily from serious-and sometimes philosophical-questions like, “How long does defending freedom take?” to run-of-the-mill reports: “Thomas grew again and we had to get him some more pants.” Throughout, Paterson’s lively illustrations reflect Lizzie’s daily routine with her father and brother, while a series of maps that Lizzie draws to show her mother exactly what she’s been up to and where she goes each day effectively portray a child’s need to make sense of an uncertain world. California senator Diane Feinstein provides the forward; backmatter includes tips for adults on how to help children cope with deployment separation. (Picture book. 5-9)

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Publisher: Whitman, Albert & Company

Publication date: 01/01/2005

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Author: Stacy Marinaro

A Military Christmas

christmas book2015

Soft cover book. The holiday version of the United States Marine Corps: Code of Conduct, Riffle Creed and Marine’s Hymn. Help the Elves stay strong after being captured by the Grinch. Watch the North Pole Reindeers protect the country while Santa delivers the presents to all the good boys and girls. Delightfully colorful and fun to read along with any military child– USMC OOH RAH!

Author: Janet Lambert

A beloved children's book by an military spouse author

A beloved children’s book by an military spouse author

Product Details
Publisher: Image Cascade Publishing (2002)
ISBN-10: 1930009569
ISBN-13: 978-1930009561

Author/Illustrator: Sid Jacobson and Ernie Colon

august books 18 august books 19


Comic book about the trials and tribulations of returning home from war, PTSD, and family.

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Author: John P. McAfee

august books 12 august books 13

Here, from a remarkable new literary talent, is a novel destined to become the Catch-22 of the Vietnam War–a poignant, darkly comic tale based on the author’s own experiences as a Green Beret in Vietnam. This deeply affecting novel follows the trials of a Special Forces Unit dispatched to the Laotian jungle who stumble upon a heroin operation.

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Excerpt: Gene Moser

No Difference

by Gene Moser

Copyright 1999

About the Author: Gene Moser grew up as an army brat, living in Oklahoma, Japan, Massachusetts and Virginia, among other places. Gene attended Fishburne Military School and William and Mary where he received an A.B. in English and a commission as a second lieutenant in 1965. He served 27 years in the army, active, national guard and reserve, retiring in 1992 as a lieutenant colonel and taught English in the Hampton, Virginia public schools from 1968 until retirement in 1999. Gene has had poetry, articles and short stories published. He has a wife, two adult children, three grandchildren and two boxers. He enjoys model railroading, old steam locomotives, water gardening, cooking and wine.

 Skinny Dipping and Other Stories begins in Japan and ends in a Virginia military school. These short stories trace civilian girl Elaine Goodman and army brat Phil Boydon who meet in the spring of 1956. Elaine has lived in Virginia all her life; Phil is a world traveler at twelve. She is popular and he is, again, the new kid on the block. Oil and water do not mix. Or do they? When they do, they find her old friends, his new friends and their parents beginning to wonder about their closeness.* Info from


 The khaki clad military police guard at the door of the small gate house snapped to attention, waved the shiny 1955 Ford station wagon forward and crisply saluted as it went past, leaving U.S. Route 1 and entering Ft.Belvoir. “See, Sam, I told you he wouldn’t stop us.” Phil Boydon laughed and squeezed the hand of the girl who sat beside him, next to the window. The trees arching over the road provided shade.

“Why’d he salute?” El asked softly in Phil’s ear. Sam in the front seat, next to Phil’s mom, the driver, and Mark, beside Phil, both nodded their heads, obviously wanting to know, too.

“The bumper sticker. He saw an officer’s sticker so he saluted,” Phil explained. He felt proud of that and at the same time a little embarrassed. He’d seen so many times when civilian kids just didn’t understand. The last person he wanted to not understand him was seated next to him with her hand furtively in his, El Goodman. He still couldn’t believe that he had the luck for her to like him, much less love him as she’d said for the past three weeks.

“And you say there’s no difference between us and you, Phil?” Mark asked. “Nobody salutes my dad and he’s a partner in a law firm.”

Phil glanced away from El and turned towards his best friend for the a year and a half Phil had lived in Alexandria. “It’s just a custom, Mark. Doesn’t mean nothing.” He knew that wasn’t totally true, but he didn’t want to seem different. He’d gotten off on the wrong foot with El soon after they’d met. Then he’d chosen to defy a Japanese-hating teacher and lose El. Now losing El was unthinkable. Read the rest of this entry »