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About At Ease! Books

This blog focuses on books written by Military and Overseas Brats, Military Spouses, Service Members, Veterans and DODDS teachers. They belong to the Museum of the American Military Family Collection. Some of them are currently available in bookstores; others are out of print.  Some have never been published, or were only printed in small batches. All of them were conceptualized and written by people who loved living and/or working with a US Service Member.

This collection is an eclectic mix; this book list is not focusing on Great Literature; but rather, offers a look inside the minds of Brats and their Families.

We offer synopsis and information–we rely on you, the reader, to review and comment about them. Happy Reading!


4 Comments on “About At Ease! Books”

  1. ashleecowles says:

    I’m so excited to have found this blog! As a former Brat and aspiring fiction author who writes novels for teens about military brats, this is a great resource!

  2. Candace George Thompson says:

    My book belongs in your library! “Still Having Fun, a Portrait of the Military Marriage of Rex and Bettie George, 1941-2007,” is a biography of my parents’ marriage and their life as a career Air Force family.

    Reviewers have called “Still Having Fun” a testament to the character and resilience of American military families, a romance, a history lesson, an ode to military spouses, and entertaining and enlightening read. I have been invited to speak about it on Army Wives Talk Radio in September.

    I would be happy to send a press release with more about me and the book. Please check the following amazon link for reviews and the link to my facebook author page.

    Thank you for starting this museum – such an important mission!

    Candace George Thompson, author


  3. Please consider my book, Flyby, for your library. Flyby is a historical fiction retelling of the 2nd Schweinfurt Raid on 14 Oct 43. It also contains a lot of my own life living on 7 Air Force Bases in the USA, Germany and Ethiopia. I has elements of fantasy, reincarnation time travel and espionage.

    Here is a link to Amazon’s pages for me and my book, which is available as a Kindle eBook.

    Here are some links to an interview and a book review.

    Thanks for your consideration.

    Bill Wiseman

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