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Author: Penny McCann Pennington

Overview * From Barnes and Noble

“A gifted writer.” Washington Post columnist Leonard Shapiro
“Summer Novel Soars!” Broadway World

After the sudden implosion of her possibly-too-close family, Farley James gives up her dreams to care for her young brother, William, an Autistic Savant. They move into their odd aunt’s decrepit boarding house overlooking the city of Pittsburgh. Over time, the residents of Bridge Manor form a patchwork family, pulling together when tragedy threatens from several directions. By turns hilarious, heartbreaking, and dark, It Burns a Lovely Light will have you reading late into the night.

“A rare and inspirational novel so real and poignant it has the potential to make you review your life, your plans, and your sense of humanity and humility.” Jennifer E. Goldman, She Magazine

“Another talented writer surfaces…I would recommend teenagers read it too.” Genevive Lapham-Cerefice, Newsweek Magazine

“A remarkably moving book.” IndieReader

“Outstanding.” Writer’s Digest

Product Details


Publisher:CreateSpace Publishing

Publication date:07/22/2013


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