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Author: Melinda Hardin

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*About This Book:

A Heartfelt Tribute to American Soldiers and Their Families

With engaging watercolor illustrations and kid-friendly text, this book honors parents who serve in the military.

This young boy’s dad doesn’t have X-ray vision or drive a superpowered car, but he’s a superhero nonetheless. With pictures that sensitively and realistically portray the life of US soldiers on deployment and the families eagerly awaiting their return, this book makes a difficult subject accessible to children. Readers learn that these “superheroes” wear camouflage clothing, drive tanks, and help make the world a safer place. It’s an important story to share with kids whose parents are serving their country far from home.

About the Authors or Illustrators:

Melinda Hardin
Author Melinda Hardin lives in Clinton, Massachusetts. She received a degree in secondary education from Western Michigan University. She has traveled extensively and enjoys time with her family. “Hero Dad” is her first book, and is about being the child of a military father, from the child’s point of view.

Bryan Langdo
langdo knows a lot of dogs.

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