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Some Praise for “A Look Back in Time”

“Bernard is always one of the more interesting persons in the room and this memoir helped confirm for me “how” that is possible. His background and travels, friends and family, success and trials make his life and this book an adventure worth living and reading. Bernard says “If you knew your light was dimming, but had memories to share, would you take the time to write them down…” We are so fortunate that he took the time to write them down for all of us to enjoy.                                               -James Andrews    Founder of Social People (@keyinfluencer)

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“A fascinating, insightful, inspiring and sometimes hilarious chronicle of life while growing up in a military family. Bernard’s ability to encapsulate life-changing events provides us with examples of how to triumph over daily obstacles, while learning valuable lessons that will guide our futures. Although set in the 1950s, his journey supplies relevant, timely solutions and strategies for managing today’s issues and the unique challenges associated with a military lifestyle”               Colonel Arnold R. Goodson, United States Army (Retired)

 Product Details                                                                     

Paperback: 320 pages

ISBN-10: 0692313044



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