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Author: Gerard R. D’Alessio

Even before he is fully awake in his bed at Walter Reed Hospital, United States Army reservist Rick Garcia knows it is going to be a very bad day. It is November 2004, and as if having his leg amputated during an extended tour in Iraq is not bad enough, Rick is about to receive a letter from his wife, Coralee, telling him she is divorcing him and taking their two children from their home in New Jersey to Oklahoma to live with her mother. Now forced to re-invent his life, Rick decides to do his rehabilitation in a V.A. hospital near his children. While dealing with terrifying nightmares and flashbacks, feeling vulnerable and alone, Rick falls in love with one of his nurses. But when Rick’s children witness a murder that puts their lives in jeopardy, Rick chooses to work with Coralee to protect their children from further danger-a decision that changes everything. Iraq Dreams is the compelling story of a wounded veteran who must reevaluate his life as he and his family battle to overcome the psychological damage that resulted from the war.

“Iraq Dreams,” by Gerald Alessio: This story about an Army reservist who returns injured in mind and body from Iraq is fictional, but depicts some of the real struggles of returning veterans. Rick Garcia loses his leg to battle and feels like he’s losing his life to post-traumatic stress. On top of that, a divorce might cost him his family. The author, a retired psychologist, drew on his experience to write this book, saying, “There were some individuals I had the privilege of working with whose stories have stuck with me. I was often impressed with … the courage they showed in fighting through their difficulties.” Could be a good choice for those who’ve had similar struggles, and anyone wanting a better understanding of them.

This description is from a larger article in the Stars and Stripes by Terri Barnes
Product Details
Paperback: 222 pages
Publisher: iUniverse (January 20, 2014)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1491722797
ISBN-13: 978-1491722794


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