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“Visions of Vietnam”: No Looking Back

Visions of Vietnam: An Army Medic's View of the War

Excerpt from the Forthcoming Memoir by David J. McCallum:

Visions of Vietnam: An Army Medic’s View of the War

(December 1965 – December 1966)

Once we found out in December 1965 that we were going to Vietnam, we were allowed a few days “in transit” before we had to leave, so I went home to Folcroft, PA. While home, I received a call from the Army saying I had just under a week to get myself to Oakland, CA where we would then leave for Vietnam.

The morning before I left for Oakland, I went over to my girlfriend’s house to say goodbye. When I got there, her mom leaned out the window and told me that Pat had gone out. So, I didn’t get to see her before I deployed. That evening, several of my aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends from the neighborhood gathered at my house to say farewell…

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