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Meet the Author: Brian Withers

Brian Withers shows his father’s portrait of Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower on the cover of Army Talks magazine in 1945. Photo Credit: Nancy Borowick (July 12, 2012)

“My father was George Withers; once he joined the Army, [he] was a war artist in England and in France.  He worked all of 1945 in Paris at ETO headquarters under General Eisenhower.  He illustrated many Army magazine covers and articles and pamphlets for the Army.  Of course, like so many other GIs, he had a family, my mother Virginia and me in Manhattan.  So he sent home many illustrated letters and paintings to my mother in New York.  I recently used some of these illustrations to write a children’s book “Bringing Up Grandpa” for our grandson.  [The illustrations] in this book, show how a soldier ( my dad) cared about his family across the Atlantic while he served in Europe.  Most, if not all, soldiers care deeply about their loved ones and families when they are serving far away from them. ”

To read an article about Brian Withers and to learn more about George Withers’ art, click here  . To contact Brian:…

Brian also shared some more of his father’s artwork…


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