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CD: Music from Bratcon Radio

BRATCON RADIO was a Military Brat-Centered radio show which ran for one year—November 2010-November 2011

 Here’s the last post on their website in 2011—and a link to their archives:

 One year ago today, we launched BRATCON Radio on the VoiceAmerica network. Even though we crested 19,000 listeners in September, regrettably, this will be our last broadcast, as we celebrate Veteran’s Day. Ashley Furniture Homestores provided our initial sponsorship which covered a portion of the network and related operating costs for the show and we will be eternally grateful for their support. As much as we endeavored to obtain other national advertisers, we did not gain any traction. The personal expense and capital I contributed to launch the broadcast and shore up the ongoing expenses is no longer feasible. To our loyal listeners (affectionately known as BRATHEADS), we hope we provided entertaining and informative guests, while honoring and recognizing the service of our sons and daughters of our Military, Diplomatic Corp and other government personnel that served here at home and around the globe.

If the landscape of advertising commitments should change in the future, we will be quick to re-ignite the show. In the meantime, our past shows will be available on our company website at, under the archives tab. I must give a great deal of credit to Associate Producer & Co-Host, Jeri Glass, who was instrumental in searching for, and vetting quality BRAT topics and guests as well as coordinating their appearance. She worked tirelessly to pull these shows together each week. Additionally, Cate Speer dedicated countless hours to maintain and update the website and deserves special recognition.

I am saddened by this reality and hope each of you will continue to proactively embrace your BRAT roots. It has been my honor to deliver the message each week for the past year. Please help us go out in style by tuning in this week to hear the story of a remarkable Military family. Mother, Father and Daughter; all three BRATS; Father and Daughter also served in the US Army and daughter was one of the few female combat helicopter pilots in Iraq. And what a story she has of a harrowing experience. This family has dedicated their life to the service of our country.


Creator & Host- Dennis


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