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Author: Lydia Spencer Lane

I Married a Soldier


In sending forth this account of incidents in my army life, I claim for it no literary merit; I have simply given facts without any attempt to elaborate them. First intended for my children and grandchildren, I afterwards thought this narrative might be acceptable to army friends, and to many of a younger generation who are interested in the old army. To the former the scenes described may awaken long-forgotten experiences in their own lives; to the latter it will carry the conviction that they will never be called upon to endure what we did. To-day there is no frontier; the wilderness blossoms as the rose; our old deadly enemy, the I ndian, is educated, clothed, and almost in his right mind; railroads run hither and yon, and the great trains of army wagons and ambulances are things of the past, whatever civilization may follow. The hardy, adventurous element in those early pioneer days will ever possess an interest of its own, and I venture to hope that the record of my own experiences will contribute somewhat to the history of those heroic times. August 8, 1892.

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