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Book Review: “Her Own Vietnam” by Lynn Kanter

The Military Spouse Book Review

(Reviewed by Caroline A. LeBlanc, Army wife & mother, former Army Nurse, and retired psychotherapist who has worked with military service members and families for over twenty years.)


Anyone who follows the topic knows that, even today, women veterans often are not recognized as veterans, nor do they always appreciate their own veteran status. Many men as well as women who served in Vietnam also went to great lengths to forget their veteran status. Some were successful in this repression of combat trauma and their mixed feelings about their service, until our present generation of wars in Iraq and Afghanistan triggered their old “stuff.” Another reason Vietnam veterans forgot or hid their war service was to avoid verbal and social abuse by very hostile anti-war activists—from hippies to college professors. The atmosphere was much different from the “Thank our troops” encouraged today.

Imagine what it was like during the Vietnam…

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