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Author: Daniel Cardwell

About the Author

Daniel T. Cardwell was born in 1950 in Marburg, Germany, as Daniel Paprocki. The son of a Polish-born, German woman, Hedwig Paprocka, and a non-white American soldier, Daniel Brown, Daniel became one of five “brown babies” adopted by an African American couple living on the gold coast of Washington, D.C., and later moving to a farm. Living on his own since 14, Daniel graduated from Lacky High School, performed military service, completed technical schools, and graduated from Howard University. Under his employer and mentor Dr. Ulrich K. Henschke, a well-published professor of Medical Radiotherapy at Howard University, Daniel gained additional training in the administration of modern radiation techniques and assisted in building specialized clinical apparatus used in cancer treatment facilities in developing countries. His multiple trips as project manager to develop cancer clinics in Haiti, the Eastern Caribbean, East & West Africa, and Europe were filled with successful accomplishments.
Motivated by Dr. James A. Cheek, president of Howard University, Daniel continued his formal education. While researching minority education in the U.S. as classwork, he stumbled upon information about his adoption, which fueled a search for his biological parents that continued for more than 25 years. Decades into his search, Daniel was finally reunited with his biological family in the Czech Republic in June 2006. Having clearly documented his origin, he searched for and found other brown babies, proving he was not in this world alone. He was inspired to author this book to tell the story of his journey as a personal therapeutic instrument and to express his passion for the mischlingskinder story. Daniel, the topic of many domestic and European articles, is featured in the award-winning documentary, “Brown Babies: The Mischlingskinder Story,” directed and produced by Regina Doreen, and also highlighted in another award-winning German documentary, “Brown Babies—Germany’s Lost Children,” by Michaela Kirst. He was awarded an honorary Ph.D. by the Blackology Institute for Research and Development, Inc., documenting Mabel Grammer’s contribution to the civil rights of children, and continues to lecture on the history of brown babies. He invites Americans of all colors to read this book and become Americans without color—just an American!
QOC Cover

After being adopted into a dysfunctional family and becoming southern farm labor with his siblings, Dan grew up experiencing rejection by both blacks and whites. He then made a mature decision to live alone at age fourteen, growing up fast to survive. While attending college, Daniel stumbled upon his childhood picture in a national magazine. Having discovered his past was one big secret, Daniel became motivated to solve the question of his origin. A Question of Color details Daniel’s upbringing, subsequent 25 year search for his birth mother, and his journey through a culture of color, developing a desire to not be identified as black or white—just an American.

  • Paperback: 160 pages
  • Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; 2 edition (April 25, 2013)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1482774828
  • ISBN-13: 978-1482774825

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