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Yearbook: Yoyogi Elementary Tokyo American School

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  1. Rodney Morita says:

    This picture is the yearbook 1957 of Yoyogi Elementary School Washington Heights, Tokyo, Japan which I attended 1955-1963 first grade to eighth grade fond memories didn’t think this would be on the net. My yearbooks for those years are lost during my moves hereafter. Thanks for showing the picture I have begun to wonder if there is anybody out there that actually attended that school.

    • There is an organization which MAY help you replace some of those yearbooks: The American Overseas Schools Historic Society. AOSHS has many duplicate yearbooks from American schools overseas. Call them to see.(316) 265 6837

    • Brian McCarty says:

      I believe I knew you when….. I was in at least one of your classes. I had Mrs Bell for 3rd, Ms Warner for 4th, Miss Brockman for 5th, Mr Prado for 6th, Ms Kunze for 7th homeroom and Mr ??? (English teacher) for 8th homeroom and then off to Chofu for 9th. Contact me when you can.

      Brian McCarty – Wash Hghts 1958 – 1963

      • Ned Hide says:


        I remember you! You were in many of my classes, including Chofu. I’ve been in Nor Cal in the high tech arena for the past half century.

        Hope all has been well in your life.

        Ned Hide

      • Brian McCarty says:

        Good to hear that you are doing well. I think about those days often and what a wonderful, yet insulated, world we lived in as we grew up. I would not trade those days for anything.
        So where in No Cal are you? I am located in So Cal (Rancho Cucamonga) right next to the Ontario airport. If the high tech arena for you, then San Jose? Fremont? Hope to talk to you soon.

      • I just posted a 1960 through 1961 yearbook on ebay if anyone is interested! Found this page when I googled the school. 😀

    • Ned Hide says:

      Hey Rodney, remember Ned Hide?

      Hope all has been well for you!

      Teachers: Weaver 1st Grade, Gomi 2nd, Gruell 3rd, Zimmerman 4rth, Doyle 5th, Prado 6th. I finished Jr High at Yoyogi, attended Chofu and graduated Narimasu 1967. I have all the yearbooks somewhere. Worked in telecom for nearly 30 years and am now in the solar energy field.

      I miss the DoD environment.

      • Andy McKittrick says:

        I had Gomi in 2nd grade and still have the yearbook as well as 1st with Shanley. Ned, you were in my class. So fun ti find this site,

  2. Gayle Snyder says:

    I went there, too: 1955-1958.
    Loved the principal, Ms. Hammel (?).remember ” Dame Days”? That meant we had inside recess. Loved this school. Moved to Sagamihara in 4th grade then on to Zama for high school.

    • To Gayle and other contributors to this thread– we are putting together an exhibit called “Schooling with Uncle Sam…” We are collecting short memory pieces about going to school in DoD schools– we have quite a few high school memories, but not many from elentary school or middle school…would you be willing to write a couple down and email them to our museum?

      Like the one above– small things you remember…and want to share.

      We’d like stories and thoughts about most aspects of your military child expiriences with schooling. These stories would become part of our permanent collection/library.

      You can check out our website at museum of the American military

      We are also on Facebook.

      • Gayle Steele Snyder says:

        Probably too late for this but I was schooled in Japan from kindergarten through eleventh grade. Yoyogi was my first school, within walking distance from my back door. I had Miss Theis for first grade. I can still picture the classroom and remember painting on brown paper Christmas scenes. I had Miss Johnson in second grade and then Miss Bell in third. Half of fourth grade was with Miss Spaulding in the Quonset huts ( the annex ) and then I transferred to Sagamihara for the remainder of my elementary schooling. At Yoyogi I remember the Maypole, the recess outside, the cafeteria that served liver and onions, the folk dance portion of gym class, the shot clinics and the hill that I used to roll down.
        Sagamihara was also within walking distance and I could go home for lunch. I think we had to as I don’t remember a cafeteria. I remember also the playground and the tether ball poles. I went to Zama for junior and senior high school until the eleventh grade, moving back to the ” States” for my senior year, a country I had never lived in. Most of the classmates I had at Zama are still my friends now as I approach my seventh decade. That is a testament to the intimacy and uniqueness of the Department of Defense schools.
        Gayle Steele Snyder

    • I remember Dame Days and The May Day celebration wrapping the May Poles. Don’t forget learning the Hokey Pokey and art class outside. What was the name of the card game we played in the school yard by throwing down cards with Samurai on them?

  3. wally maroney says:

    i attended from 1960-1963, 1st thru 3rd grades.

  4. karen hirschberg says:

    I attended from 1956 in kindergarten through 1967, 6th grade, when they closed the school and we moved to Grant Heights and on to Guatemala. It was a great education.

  5. Mary Hurn Korte says:

    I attended Yoyogi Elementary for 5th grade. I was in Mrs. Skagen’s class and my best friend was Shannon George. Does anyone know where Shannon is now? I live in Wisconsin. My name at Yoyogi was Mary Hurn. This would have been 1956-1957.

  6. Doug Earley says:

    I still have my Yoyogi yearbooks (60-63) somewhere. Went to Tokyo about 15 years ago and showed my wife where our house was (177-S). The school bus parking lot for our school was still there, the Meiji Club and the barracks by the Sangubashi gate. The enlisted men’s pool was there as well.

    • Brian McCarty says:


      I don’t know if you remember me but I remember you. Our older brothers were in Boy Scouts together and we (I believe) were in the same Cub Scout Pack then we were in Boy Scouts together. Do you have those yearbooks still? I would love a copy of each one and I would gladly pay for your trouble.

      Looking forward to hearing from you.

      Brian McCarty

    • Brian McCarty says:


      Still hoping to hear from you. Don’t know how often you read this email string but I hope it is soon.

  7. Andrew Leong says:

    To Andy M. – that card game was/is called “menko”.
    Anybody out there from Mrs. Foster’s 4th grade class, ’58-’59?
    I do remember the May Day festivities.

  8. Rick Schloss says:

    I lived in Washington Heights from 1954 to 1956. 1956 was my first grade year at Yoyogi. Unfortunately I have no memories of names, only situations My first day at class ended up with me climbing on board a school bus. It seemed to me the right thing to do at the time, but I only lived a few blocks from school. By the end of the route, I was the only kid on the bus. The bus driver took me to his house where I was greeted by his family. They took care of me with sushi until he had contacted someone at the base. My parents came out of the base to find me happy, full, and waiting for my next bus ride. Fond memories

  9. Mary Korte says:

    One of the things I remember is having a Maypole dance at Yoyogi. If you were representing your class, you got out of class to learn the dance and practice it for several weeks before the school event…that’s probably why I remember it!

  10. Suzanne says:

    My brother and I attended from 57-58 and then we moved to Fuchs and Green Park Middle School (?). I had Mr Rittenhouse for 4th and Miss Bennett for 5th. Awesome teachers!! I was Suzanne Maxwell in those days😃

  11. Steven T White says:

    I attended Yoyogi from April 1954 until December of 1956. Lived up the street at the top of the hill, 101-A. Really good memories.

  12. Chris Migan says:

    I attended 1960-1962. Looking for yearbooks from those years. My 1962 class is shown in the link below, though I am not pictured nor listed as absent… not sure why!

    • Jack Overstreet says:

      I attended Yoyogi from 57-61, grades 5-8. My brother, Mike, was 4 years behind me. Our Mom was the music teacher at Yoyogi during that time and we lived at 116B. It’s great to find this thread which occurred because I googled Kris Tamaki’s name. We were in several classes together.

  13. Paul Cowan says:

    I lived at Jefferson Heights and went to Washington Heights for school in spring of 1952 only. I was in the third grade. I remember missing the school bus and walking to the shuttle bus stop to get a ride home. Where I caught the school bus at Jefferson Heights, you could look to the right and see Mt, Fuji bathed in pink sunlight way off in the distance to the Southwest, The only name I remember is Delores DeBoman. Jefferson was located just across the street from the southern moat around the Imperial Palace. My mom and I were standing on the street and the Emperor passed by on his way into the Palace in his Maroon Rolls and tipped his hat to us. Great memories.

  14. John Speiser says:

    Wow – Went to YES back in 1953-54. Miss Patterson, 2nd Grade teacher – loved her at the time, and remember her fondly to this day. Wonderful experience at Yoyogi, and living on the economy in Shabuya-Ku, and later at Washington Heights. What a great experience for a kid, and was formative for the rest of my working life. I ended up serving 5 years as an Army officer in Asia, graduated with 2 degrees from an international business graduate school (Thunderbird, now part of ASU, Phoenix), and spent the next few decades living and working in international banking throughout East Asia, Middle east and Southern Europe. What a great life, and I owe it all to those formative days at Yoyogi, my classmates, and the wonderful opportunities available in the military and international business. I still have my copy of the 1954 yearbook – if anyone wants a copy, just email me and I’ll make a photocopy for you.
    John Speiser

  15. Mary Korte says:

    If anyone has a 1956-1957 Yoyogi yearbook, could you scan a photo of Ms. Skagen’s fifth grade class and send it to me Thanks! I lost mine to a tornado in Texas.

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