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Author: George Biddle

This book just appeared in our footlocker after an event on Kirtland Air Force Base…Thank you kind donor! The information below is from and Wikipedia.


George Biddle (January 24, 1885 – November 6, 1973) was an American artist best known for his social realism, combat art, and his strong advocacy of government-sponsored art projects. A native of Philadelphia, Biddle was a lawyer by training whose passion for art led him to abandon his original profession and travel the world to study and compose.

During World War II, Biddle was appointed chairman of the United States Department of War’s Art Advisory Committee and served to recruit artists to that body. Biddle himself traveled through Algeria, Tunisia, Sicily, and Italy with the 3rd Infantry Division and produced works documenting that unit’s activities. He wrote a book on his war travels: Artist at War Tunisia-Sicily-Italy, Viking Press, 1944. When the Art Advisory Committee was disbanded, he produced combat art for Life magazine.[4]

• Hardcover

• Publisher: Hyperion; Presumed First Edition edition (1944)

• ASIN: B000J1R3UU






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