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Author: Gerald Juan “Sam” Berry

Fight for Honor: Colonel Ulysses S. Grant

Historical fiction novel about one sheriff’s adventure with the famous military commander

In the historical fiction novel Fight for Honor: Colonel Ulysses S. Grant, author Gerald J. Berry provides a glimpse into life during the time of the Civil War. The tale follows a New Mexico Territory sheriff as he embarks on a mission to rescue his missing friends in Arkansas and soon finds himself in the service camp of Colonel Ulysses S. Grant in the Union Army. The newly promoted General Grant is out to make a name for himself, and Clint Williams soon realizes that he is along for the ride.

Fight for Honor begins with an introduction to Clint Williams, who has been an officer in the Union Army, the sheriff of a small town in New Mexico Territory and a transporter of five escaped slaves. His next adventure commences at the onset of the Civil War as tension quickly develops between the northern and southern states. Clint is soon caught up in conflict when, while heading home to Indiana, he discovers that his friends in Arkansas have been victimized by a band of guerillas. Trailing the renegades, Clint finds himself in the camp of the Union Army’s 8th Illinois Volunteer Regiment.

After becoming a temporary prisoner of the 8th Regiment, the commanding colonel becomes impressed with Clint’s credentials and offers him a position as the regiment’s provost marshal with the rank of brevet captain. Soon, a new commander arrives – Colonel Ulysses S. Grant – and plans to attack the Confederates are underway. Brevet Captain Clint Williams accompanies the newly promoted Brigadier General Grant on the mission, but General Grant’s less than disciplined Union soldiers are forced to withdraw.

General Grant must now train his units and create a strategy to attack the Confederate’s Fort Henry. The general’s future now relies on his ability to move against the enemy and the future of Brevet Captain Clint Williams, who will go with him, will also be on the line.

About the Author

Lieutenant Colonel Gerald J. “Sam” Berry is a retired member of the U.S. Army. His active duty assignments included Germany, Okinawa, Vietnam, South Carolina, Arizona, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Virginia and Maryland. His branch assignments included Military Intelligence and Infantry. Berry is a member of the Richmond chapter of Alpha Phi Omega fraternity, the Boy Scouts of America, the Veterans of Foreign Wars and the American Legion. He is married and has one daughter and one granddaughter. He currently lives in Sutherland, Va.

 Trafford Publishing, 2011


One Comment on “Author: Gerald Juan “Sam” Berry”

  1. Susan Loden says:

    Sam is also an Army Brat, graduated from Heidelberg High School and attended University of Maryland in Munich, Germany!

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