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Author: G.E.Allingham

      Accidentally burning down the high school bandstand and raucous snake dancing are just a few of the many hilarious escapades George Allingham recounts in his memoirs Growing Up In Khaki. A service brat, Allingham describes life on military bases in the 1950s-a time when growing up was so uncomplicated that all one had to worry about was surviving Parental Decrees and Older Brother Poundings.  He describes college life in the 60’s a time complicated by everything—depending on your perspective. And he tells about his stint in the Air Force at Thule, Greenland—the only base advertised as being Nicer Than Vietnam.

     “If you got in trouble as a ‘brat’, Growing Up in Khaki will make you laugh at Allingham’s trials and tribulations. There’s a wild side in all of us, and G.E. reminds us of this at every opportunity.”

Joe Condrill, founder, Overseas Brats

This book was published by Research Triangle Publishing, NC, 1998


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