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Remembering Author Pat Conroy

Bex Finley Striggow

Here is something I wrote upon the death of Pat Conroy, an author who I believe conveyed a true sense of a military brat’s life. I hope you can relate.

“The children of warriors in our country learn the grace and caution that come from a permanent sense of estrangement.” Pat Conroy
I’m an Army brat….that about sums it up. Read any Pat Conroy book and you will learn the basics of my life: leaving before dawn for the next assignment in a car full of sleepy kids; always being the new kid at school ; adjusting to the military life ; seeing wonderful places and meeting wonderful people, and then rarely seeing them again; being strangers at family reunions. Still, I wouldn’t trade it for anything.
[Recently]I learned that another military brat, the author Pat Conroy, has died. Of all the authors I’ve read, he conveyed the life of a military brat, the many things that drew us to it and also those aspects that made us resent it….the discipline, the isolation, the sensation of being thrown headlong into something new, different, and a little scary. Those were also the things that kept us going; the sense of adventure, never knowing what’s coming next, the orderliness of a military base, the sense of safety behind the rules.
He asked many questions  we all were wrestling with; some were answered and some are still unanswered. Some will never be answered.
If you’ve never read him, I suggest you begin with The Great Santini. Above all, he was a great storyteller.

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