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65th Anniversary of the End of World War ll

This poem is from The Oyster-Stuffed Locker by Hudson Phillips


 The surface of the helmet was stolid and done,

no trace of country, or religion, or human character

could be summoned should I tap upon it

to awaken the wearer.

To be thus, unknown, is the ultimate price that war exacts.


I placed it on my head,

grimacing in mock ferocity and bucking my teeth,


like a cat with a rat’s leftovers,

squinting my eyes like a Samurai warrior and shouting “Banzai.”


A sweet, coconut-scented hair oil could be detected along the sweat band

that argued the point,

and I took it off immediately.


The owner had been a man,

who smelled like other men,

his smell  mingling with mine –


It was all so far away, and long ago,

and I was just eleven.




Review: The Stan


“The Stan” is our creative non-fiction story told within context of therapy and marital counseling sessions. My son, and my combat experience together in Afghanistan and internal struggles in such context is one piece of our story. My son’s perspectives, my wife and daughter’s emotions, worries, and problems through my third, and our son’s first deployment are others.

Below we include additional data for your information. We seek partners, venues, and opportunities to help fellow vets, families, and those who care for or help us.

Dan Talley


“The Stan” shares private thoughts, therapy sessions, journal entries, and memories of our family of four as father and son deploy to combat. A rare opportunity to experience deployment as we say goodbye, sacrifice for others, struggle inwardly, attempt to heal, and move on with life from differing, even opposing, perspectives. Observe unspoken emotions, hopes, and dreams common to military families.


Dan Talley is a veteran of a twenty-six year marriage, twenty-eight year military career and three wars. His varied occupations include years of leadership in military, educational, industrial, religious, and civic organizations. God, through this experiential education, amassed within this storyteller numerous tales to be told. Dan is winner of both visual art and literary contests. His experience, quest for understanding, creativity, and artistry enable story-telling which guides others to comprehend truths from ordinary and extraordinary situations. Serving in combat with his son in 2010 brought new perspectives on Jesus’ sacrifice and God’s love. Subsequent depression, suicidal thoughts, and PTSD, contrast with a mission trip in India to grow greater compassion for others and a desire to assist in their personal growth.

“The Stan by Dan Talley is a soul-searing memoir….they give chapter and verse detail of the trauma of combat, its aftermath, and the real cost of it to those in uniform and loved ones at home. Those who have experienced what the Talleys have will understand. Those who have not will find in The Stan a powerful work to help bridge that gulf.”

Dwight Zimmerman, MWSA President & Reviewer

…Veterans of any combat will recognize themselves in here. So will family members. Maybe seeing each other’s stories in print will help bridge any divisions. For those that haven’t been part of a similar story, this book will help you understand.

-Skip Rhode- Kindle Reader & Veteran

“The Stan” holds nothing back – survivor’s guilt, crisis of faith, war’s negative effects families, veteran suicide, invisible wounds of war (PTSD and TBI), post-deployment career challenges – and offers powerful inspiration…

– Hannah Becker – Paperback reader & Veteran spouse

the Renaissance guy
speaker, artist, author

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