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Military Brat Author: Marc Curtis

 Did you grow up in the Military? Do you have trouble answering the question “where are you from?”

“Every Brat Has a Story” has been the theme of the Military Brats Registry since 1997. Members have submitted hundreds of interesting stories about their unusual lifestyle as military dependents growing up around the world. This book is a compilation of many of those stories to further our goal of preserving the culture and history of “Military Brats”

About the author:
Marc Curtis grew up in the 1950’s and 1960’s as a “Military Brat.” His family moved every 1 to 3 years around California, Texas and Japan.

In 1994 he found a book called “Military Brats: Legacies of Childhood Inside the Fortress” by Mary Edwards Wertsch and began to discover why he reacted to life differently than most of his friends. Thus began his search for his “roots.”

In April of 1997 he created the Military Brats Registry ( because he wanted to locate friends he knew during the times he lived at various military bases, and knew that others must want to find their friends too.

The Registry has become the largest online resource for reconnecting with friends, and understanding the unique culture and heritage of being a Military Brat.

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65th Anniversary of the End of World War ll

This poem is from The Oyster-Stuffed Locker by Hudson Phillips


 The surface of the helmet was stolid and done,

no trace of country, or religion, or human character

could be summoned should I tap upon it

to awaken the wearer.

To be thus, unknown, is the ultimate price that war exacts.


I placed it on my head,

grimacing in mock ferocity and bucking my teeth,


like a cat with a rat’s leftovers,

squinting my eyes like a Samurai warrior and shouting “Banzai.”


A sweet, coconut-scented hair oil could be detected along the sweat band

that argued the point,

and I took it off immediately.


The owner had been a man,

who smelled like other men,

his smell  mingling with mine –


It was all so far away, and long ago,

and I was just eleven.